Saturday, December 24, 2011

a prayer

thy light is revealed in darkness
majestic in silence art thou
in stillness, embrace envelopes me
oh lord, thou art mighty
and awesome thy love.
may i be forever in communion with thee
may i live fully within thy grace.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

on love

if i do love you, then i must love every atom, too, because you are in everything. i must love every space between atoms, because you are also there, and so i must love everything in this reality, and in every alternate reality, and in all of creation, because it is all from you. and then i must love everything outside of creation, because that is where your sunrise shines most brilliantly, the liquid gold beyond stories of this and that, relativity, birth and death. and if i do love you, then i must love each and any piece of experience that floats into my perception, and then i must learn to perceive beyond perception, in order to love also whatever is there, and all that is and ever has been. if i do love you, then i must love you, as fully as fullness itself, and only then will i be alive, will livingness flow through this being, and in that long moment of now, we will seize to maintain identity and --

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good advice from my dad

"The race doesn't end ten meters before the finish line.
One foot in front of the other; just don't give up."

Friday, July 15, 2011


From Latin metaphora from Ancient Greek μεταφορά (metaphora)
from μεταφέρω (metapherō, “I transfer, apply”) from μετά (meta, “with, across,
after”) + φέρω (pherō, “I bear, carry”) [source:]

to carry across;
through the meta field from one world of perspective
to another; a private/collective meta-portation device
through dimensions.

To be effective, she who throws a metaphor
must enter the now-world of her audience,
must learn this world’s vocabulary, its grammars,
must taste its desire, respect its fears;
must sneak through existing preconceptions to invade from within,
to attack without warning, with inner boundaries down,
to explode a bomb, call forth an apocalypse of all that's been,
stand her ground;
now transition transport meta.

to carry across;
suddenly a new spot,
cleared land, uncover fertile soil,
in new speed, a different vehicle, moving in trajectory
from one world to another, multidimensional
expansion pulling painfully / meta flows /
away the mask, feigned flatness goes.



Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've been working with brilliant people on interesting projects.

Recently I have the opportunity to jump in on a project during a particularly busy week. My role has involved owning a document which is to be delivered to the client within days. As part of this process, I get to talking with one of the inventors whose latest developments will be featured. This particular coworker has an especially diverse background within an environment which epitomizes interdisciplinary teamwork. He conveys to me his frustration at not being able to adequately explain, even to collaborators, the amazing work he is doing. The work will speak for itself once it has been completed, but right now, he needs his teammates to recognize the vision in order to realize it. Enter the writer*.

After spending some time with Inventor getting up to speed on the issue, I ask to see his brainchild in its current manifestation. Of course, playing with a new technology, even one still in development, offers a much better feel, tangibly, for its capabilities and possibilities. I delve into the experience which I will then try to transmit to others with words, and I want to know where he feels people struggle to grasp this work. Meanwhile, I become aware of an explanation stream starting to form in my mind. When I get back to my computer, it feels alternately like a struggle and like a flow -- the flow of words onto the page and me struggling to arrange them. We go back and forth a few times, testing how well my description matches his reality, and after several iterations, he sends this response -- "I showed it to my teammate and a lightbulb went off in his head! He finally gets it!" Yes! He is psyched to have something which solidly captures his ideas and will garner support for his cause. I am psyched to have played any role in this. Especially because I think his cause is super cool!

So -- am liking this... Participating in communicating great ideas that simply need a voice; ideas that would surely spread enthusiasm if only they were well-articulated and well-presented.

* Writing is something I have generally done for fun, and I enjoy applying the label in that context. Writing is also something I'm "forced" to do in the context of research and my ongoing dissertation process. Professional writing has entered my life accidentally; I am making space for it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Apparent Paradox

In acknowledging the paradox of being alive -- that we are at once the omnipresent oneness as well as the experience of a temporary body-mind -- we allow ourselves to relax into the arms of the NOW-moment.

Ahh... it feels so good..!