Saturday, December 24, 2011

a prayer

thy light is revealed in darkness
majestic in silence art thou
in stillness, embrace envelopes me
oh lord, thou art mighty
and awesome thy love.
may i be forever in communion with thee
may i live fully within thy grace.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

on love

if i do love you, then i must love every atom, too, because you are in everything. i must love every space between atoms, because you are also there, and so i must love everything in this reality, and in every alternate reality, and in all of creation, because it is all from you. and then i must love everything outside of creation, because that is where your sunrise shines most brilliantly, the liquid gold beyond stories of this and that, relativity, birth and death. and if i do love you, then i must love each and any piece of experience that floats into my perception, and then i must learn to perceive beyond perception, in order to love also whatever is there, and all that is and ever has been. if i do love you, then i must love you, as fully as fullness itself, and only then will i be alive, will livingness flow through this being, and in that long moment of now, we will seize to maintain identity and --