Tuesday, February 7, 2012


today my heart aches for you
and in so aching, my heart remembers the others too
who i have loved and lost

except that today i don't feel i've lost you
i just ache for your presence
for that laughter we've shared
that silent recognition we've known
that smile that seems to belong to us both

and in that remembering
my muscles are reliving it
re-experiencing it, that joy
of having found one another

and nothing is ever lost
if it had ever been

so today, dear far-away one,
i am laughing again with you
our smiles are once again the same
our hearts dance together
even within this vast space
our lives have come to know

please honor yourself, dear
please hold yourself close
please listen to the silent aching of your heart
let it draw you nearer to that which you love

in our long and dramatic journeys
towards G-d
we are rising up
and bound together by that gravity
so we shall meet again

and i will still love you
i will always love you
our smiles are still the same
and your key still unlocks something in my heart
may Allah bless us both forever

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