Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am about to marry my best friend, start a company, grow into a role as trusted advisor to amazing inspired people in the contexts of education, technology, and spirituality. I work with and support my best friends and loved ones. I am strong, healthy, happy, peaceful, and actively still in the eye of the storm. I feel Divine presence continually and Trust in that perfect guidance. I celebrate Life joyfully and am filled with gratitude, abundance, and bouyant generosity. I recognize the divine spark in the eyes and spirit of each person who crosses my path, and I love fiercely and confidently, allowing patience to blossom through the experience of struggle. I am growing into a role of motherhood, discovering depth of connection and groundspring of wisdom in our Divine Mother. I serve with grace. I engage in radical communication, holding space for the highest good to emerge as Grace so wills. I love with my mind and think with my heart -- Jai Guru!

I am

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