Friday, April 6, 2012


Happy freedom!

Today is Passover, the day Jews celebrate freedom -- may we all be free from the enslavement of limited possibilities and ignorance of God.

Today is also Good Friday, the day many Christ-followers reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus and the salvation that followed in witness of his expansive freedom and communion with God -- may the Christ Consciousness awaken in us all, may we all find eternal peace and repose in communion with our Creator.

We are free. This life is a blessing.

How shall we celebrate our freedom together tonight and in every moment?

Here's a suggestion... Let's imagine our ultimate and ideal future, and let's create it! How? Just imagine it and then allow it to naturally arise. By focusing so intently, Love becomes all we see, Divine perfection becomes all we experience, the awesome beauty of This One Long Now becomes the center of our awareness always. Recognize those blessings which in each inhale are showering upon you, which in each exhale are ripening within existence. Imagine the matrix, the Matrica, the Mother of creation, shimmering with infinite possibility, awaiting our every command-desire, with the sole intention of fulfilling it, so that we may come to recognize the only desire which does not extinguish upon arrival -- the desire to be forever in the bosom of Divinity. Allow Love to be your foundation, let Compassion be your guide. Be freeeee to just be!

Whatever you want sincerely, you will get. What you are getting now is exactly a result of what you have been wanting in the past. Now is the time, Now is the opportunity, Now is the moment to change the Gestalt. Decide to awaken into a new reality, a closer to Truth reality, the one Reality of the one Long Now. Decide to fight the good fight, to be determined to stay with Love, to be with integrity, to insist upon Beauty and Compassion, to swipe fear to the side and pursue the path of Righteousness, which is the path of Joy.

We are all saturated in Grace. Let's all wake up and smell those roses.

Meet me in Love, i'll see you here. :)

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